Post-con, muscle fails, and other delays

This year was my second adventure to Pittsburgh's own AnthroCon. I had a blast, met some lovely people and drew for daaaaays y'all!

So going right back to my dayjob is totally cool, right!? Nope, messed up my arm so I gotta be conscious of that for the next while//forever.

Also I had my credit info stolen and a whole kerfluffle with getting my new card issued, during which my site went down. Sorry about that! We're back now.

Finally, I've gone and made a specifically art instagram, @inkbloodart pls follow!!

A basic rundown of my life currently:

November: Horror, sadness, and suddenly moving back to NYC

Winter: bouncing around moving and working 40 hours a week

April: gonnna move again & goin' mad as is my routine as the weather picks up, The bonus is that for the first time in forever I feel energetic about creating and working on my projects!! So, we have that to look forward to.


New Dawn New Site

When I woke up this morning, the sky was a dusty pale rose. "Ominous" is used to mean "foreboding" but it's root is "omen", which might either be good or ill. October feels full of fated moments to me. Heavy but promising something just beyond reach.

I've been toying with migrating my web presence to a simpler, cleaner, less dependant structure, and finally pulled it off the other night. Not totally on my own, but something solid and away from social media flittering. The way Constant Presence demands our continual updates, reposts, boosts, and chatter makes an unstable homepage. Balancing the need to showcase work and the need to plaster it all over any given platform is quite difficult!

Which brings us here.

I doubt I will do too much with this blog at the moment, but it may collect some highlights from other social media, things that need a little static to them despite their ephemeral nature. Now and again, a musing like this one, or, possibly, other content as time unfolds. But quietly, to the side, and let the gallery talk.

Until then, please enjoy this showcase of my works.

:: a james